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Join NY Times Best Selling Author GW Hardin along with Master Healer Gregory Joseph and Awakened Oneness Trainer Dr. Peter DeBenedittis for tools to supercharge your manifestation abilities and empower you to become the Gatekeeper for the life you consciously choose to Co-Create.


During this gathering you’ll learn how to access the power of co-creation though group consciousness with other beings of high frequency.  You’ll learn how to connect with your Genius Self in practical ways that empower you to create a life you never thought possible. You’ll to be able to ally with Powerful Gatekeepers in the Plant and Angelic Kingdoms, and you’ll be learn about new technologies to improve your access to Oneness and the power of groups consciousness.


There will be plenty of experiential practices during the gathering teaching you techniques for expanding your connection with high vibration beings, connecting more deeply with others, focusing the manifestation of miracles through group intent, and moving past mental programing blockages keeping you from living your dreams.


Sitting is limited.  Register now to ensure you’ll be part of this amazing gathering.