GW Hardin

New York Times best-selling author, having written or co-written eight books having to do with true stories about the extraordinary. Hardin specializes in the bringing together of opposite worlds, using science and scientific research as a backdrop to his unexplainable stories. GW is one of the foremost authorities on ancient and modern Gatekeepers.


Gregory Josheph

internationally acclaimed intuitive, healer and seminar leader, has traveled around the globe to heal people of supposed incurable diseases and many disabling physical and mental conditions. He has facilitated healing for international dignitaries, physicians, celebrities, and people just like you. A presence with a master teacher of this magnitude doesn’t come often. Gregory has devoted his life to passing the tools of the Masters creating mastery in you.


Peter DeBenedittis, Ph.D.,

Certified Awakened by Oneness University where he has been a Trainer for their Awakening and God-Realization classes. He’s been a Blue College Student at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment and has helped thousands reach create miracles and reach new places of causeless joy and inner peace. He’s also a nationally recognized youth alcohol prevention trainer whose curricula is taught to tens of thousands of students in twenty states each year.

Topics Covered

 A short history of how the Gatekeeper Effect was discovered and an overview as to how it can be used.

 What we call the Genius-Self is the wholeness aspect of us that serves as a Gateway between the Conscious-Self and our Divine/Higher Self. To make use of this Gateway, we must see ourselves as Gatekeepers to a New Consciousness and to the Otherworlds.

 The importance of New Myth in changing our lives

 Moving past the language of the old myth and stepping into the now. And Stepping into Oneness, how Separation is the biggest myth of ALL.   

 This is your year of choice, so what are you choosing?

 The ways Miracles can manifest & tips on how to focus intent for better manifestation.

 Group Consciousness Mediation to experience connecting your energy field with Gaia and all Beings of High Frequency working to towards the Ascension of Earth.

 Oneness & the journey to embracing your genius, creator self.

 Learning the Centering Benefits followed by an exercise to experience this Gateway. Plus, how your emotions and limiting beliefs hold you in the past, along with simple techniques to let go of the past.

 Accessing the Gateway to the Plant Spirits for Wellness & Wholeness.

 The ancients had access to what were called the “invisible” or the “magic” plants, which they used for healing, divining, and guidance. These plants had to remain invisible because of their immense power, which could be misused. Once one understands how to work with these helpers, one has access to marvelous potential and support in pursuing our path.

Using the hidden talents you already have.

What is your Genius Self—how and why you should embrace it fully to follow your bliss.

A guided process for recognizing and overcoming your blocks to receiving Miracles.

 How to use technological devices to improve access to Gateways.





Sri Murthi’s

Sacred Geometrical Altars

 How to create & conduct a Gatekeeper Group.

 Connecting to Oneness in a group using the Golden Light meditation. Then small groups practicing the Gatekeeper effect though a focused intent mediation.

 Panel Discussion with GW, Greg & Peter followed by participant Q & A.